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 Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Temperature is a strange phenomen - we are having the warmest summer ever up here north(the meter mostly hangs around 13-15). An occasional, temporary, isolated measurement of 25-28 degrees somewhere in Iceland becomes a country-wide heat wave in the media.
Lucky thing that we do not have any forests to burn as the media could without a doubt cook one up.
1:58:52 AM    

A useful Spam - strange things happen but among the dozens of magic-pill mails today was an ad for Audible.com - had forgot about them but they will get some of my dollars, first on the list will be a dose of "News from lake Wobegone" :)
Urban public radio at it's best.
1:54:51 AM    

Ads Ape Apple's Air Guitarists. Upstart BuyMusic.com is doing more than just offering a music service that mimics iTunes. Its commercials are strikingly similar to Apple's ads, too. Flattery? Perhaps, but it also could be a lawsuit in the making. By Danit Lidor. [Wired News]
iTunes musicstore - great idea and BuyMusic will not be the last to jump on the bandvagon. The future is right here to be.
1:49:59 AM    

Sun and the "net computer" still to come........ [InfoWorld: Top News]
1:45:59 AM    

 Wednesday, July 2, 2003
Ric Ford at Macintouch provides valuable services to the Mac community.

1:16:13 PM    

 Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Reykjavik Harbor - May 2003

A picture named 106_0681.jpg A picture named 107_0708.jpg
A picture named 107_0719.jpg

3:10:17 PM    

Bloggtools: as my Radio Userland registration expired it coincided with some ftp problems - I thought for a a while that I could not use Radio and so I strarted looking for another blogging tool.
The closest I came to finding a tool I could use was iBlog which sports a good interface with a logical design. It has potential but is still in the early stages and has serious drawbacks such as limited ftp support and somewhat strange html and link naming and generation.
2:16:45 PM    

 Thursday, March 20, 2003
Gore joins apple board Did they vote him in? If so he must have run without a campaign, wise move after the incredible feat of losing his last elections.
1:06:06 AM    

The local state news station appeared on the screen at 00:20GMT, the staff unusually polished in their "War Live" gear - ceremonies and oufits usually only reserved for elections.

Sad business but if there is a slight chance that the live eyes on the war can save some civilian lives, please do.
1:02:40 AM    

 Thursday, March 13, 2003
Caffeine have closed their doors, I do not know the story but it looks like yet another Mac developer is gone.

While Apple is busy developing and rolling out new applications, developer support and core development such as additional apple made standard frameworks do not seem to be high on their agenda.

Apple has released Java 1.4.1 for OS X - finally catching up :)
12:30:25 AM    

 Saturday, February 22, 2003
.....the defending champions were too quick, too slick and far, far too good.
11:28:48 PM    

 Sunday, February 9, 2003
Dell's with no floppies - sounds like a no-brainer. My last memory of using a floppy on the Mac probably dates back to 1995, on the windoze machines it was in 1999 when I had to look for some old driver but did not find it....
1:58:57 AM    

 Friday, January 24, 2003
Two interesting stories with a similiar theme: In Houston 13.000 workers are shifting from Microsoft apps to a line of web based products, an Insurance company is successfully migrating their IT infrastructure to open source products - both claim big savings from the moves.
5:01:08 PM    

 Saturday, January 11, 2003
Great stuff, the image manipulators from Caffeine are highly recommended.
7:50:32 AM    

 Wednesday, January 8, 2003
The world is a strange place with plenty of room for all flavors. We do not like all of them but there is plenty of space - enough to avoid some of the unpleasant ones, most of the time. In Iceland the local racist party has announced that they are going to run for parliament in the upcoming elections.

Fortunaetly for the hopefully very few like-minded around their agenda is simple: "We do not like people from other cultures moving to Iceland - they are not like us, they scare us, take away our jobs and steal our property."

The only thing they have going for them is that the more they speak the less likely they become to gather any following.
We really wonder: would Lee Bowyer be eligble to run for them?
4:58:11 PM    

 Tuesday, January 7, 2003
First posting through Safari - it's fast, very fast. Finally a good Java performance on the Mac.
7:24:16 PM    

 Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Microsoft does not change it's stand on Java According to The Register, they like Flash
2:08:01 PM    

Rent a scope - innovative idea.
1:49:07 PM    

 Saturday, December 21, 2002
"The English develop a fighting spirit in players and that is the reason I want to play at Arsenal. In England football is a religion. I think playing in the Premier League will allow me to develop better as a player."
- Philippe Sanderos, supposedly a wonderkid that just joined the Gunners

Some liverpool web described him so when they thought he was heading their way.

According to the same report, scouts from the following clubs were at his latest game: Manchester United, Liverpool, Roma, Verona, Parma, Modena, Feyenoord, Lens, Lille, Auxerre, Real Madrid and Bayern München! Arsenal and Barcelona
4:22:38 AM    

 Friday, December 20, 2002

lump, lumpfish, lumpsucker

5:39:00 PM    

One sniff at the US economy suggests that #1 could find more pressing matters to attend to than a nutcase dictator in the middle-east. Then on the other hand, if the same enthusiasism, effort and determination was applied to the Israel-Palestine issue with genuine pressure applied to both parties the situation in the areas could be improved.
5:12:35 PM    

 Wednesday, December 18, 2002
PhraseBook is a simplified version of the the larger dictionary manager, specifically for creating and maintaining phrase dictionaries.
3:01:13 AM    

 Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Shareholders meeting at a close to failed IT company today, not a pretty sight - it has not been over the last 3 years and will not be for years to come. A healthy business ruined by 2 years of management by absense and denial.

I have been to more lively funerals than this gathering.
4:31:07 AM    

 Thursday, November 28, 2002
PowerSnip, another idea materialized, now it needs users :)

2:06:48 AM    

2:00:34 AM    

 Thursday, November 21, 2002
 Monday, November 11, 2002
Oracle readies grid engine. Database joins grid computing race with core RAC, Linux technology [InfoWorld: Top News]
2:05:55 PM    

 Thursday, November 7, 2002
Got through to the Beta Release of DictMaker . Idiotic obsession to write software that maybe nobody needs! In a way like blogging stuff that maybe nobody reads.... I did learn a lot in the process though(and still have a bunch do finish).
Like many times before the idea was crystal clear after about a one hour bike ride and an email from a fella that needed somthing of this kind, this is 5 weeks later(minus another smaller product developed and some updates to other products). Pretty much on schedule and resisted the urge to beta release it 2 weeks ago - which is quite an achievement.
2:39:55 AM    

 Thursday, October 24, 2002
The times of Oracle the database software company are long gone, all software everywhere MS style is their only way to success now. Oracle boosts supply chain offering. Enhances execution, collaboration, and intelligence functionalities [InfoWorld: Top News]

During my Iowa years I did not have much appreciation for Baseball, it takes a bit of exposure to really appreciate the game(I still have doubts about how good a game it is for kids though, standing forever in the outfield with remote chance of anyone hitting the ball your way is a waste of time for 10 year olds). Due to excellent coverage on Channel 5 from the UK(and the fact that I stay up late and at that time it was the most interesting thing on the telly) I slowly began to take to the game. 2001 World Series was amazing, the current slugfest is not. has a good piece on the game
5:12:00 PM    

 Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Name stuff, young entrepreneur ...not so young...another lawyer named Gislason, could use some help from gislasonwebdesign it seemsYet another attourney!!! nuff of this stuff for now......
4:19:11 AM    

 Tuesday, October 15, 2002
a night shooting session I was rather happy with.......and another night session

4:30:10 AM    

Microsoft gears up to create more ties with Mac users. Office and Mac OS X only the first of planned links [InfoWorld: Top News]
3:03:51 AM    

 Monday, October 14, 2002
Just realized that the mac has been up and running without a restart for a week now, stability, stability, stability. Posted a few shots since August

5:03:25 PM    

 Friday, October 11, 2002
One of the legends of last century
Who.is and the bubble links are not the only ones gone, this is the company I worked for until resigning recently(it still employs a CEO, hired when all the staff had left - busy man I guess!), here is the UK branch of the same company and this here is the outsourcing office from the same company. Ah, yes, it is an IT company offering among other things expertise in hosting and website maintenance!
9:44:18 PM    

 Thursday, October 10, 2002
At regular intervals the freesing plant in my old hometown bursts into flames Hellissandur. Never a surprise as it has always been short of a miracle that anything in that company worked at all, the good fortune is that never has anyone been seriously hurt.
2:24:17 PM    

 Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Only a few short years ago some fought for the future gold that lay in the prospects of these "great" sites Who.is, where.is, There.is ..... Click on the last link to see current state of the vision, the others are not much better off.

Highly recommended for any photography enthusiasist is the excellent PhotographyReview site.
1:39:24 PM    

 Tuesday, October 8, 2002
 Saturday, October 5, 2002
Whatever the rest of the season, the Gunners have set the mark high for anyone that follows.
The days are getting short up here in Iceland and there are places I miss.
8:12:22 PM    

At times reality can be more bizzare than fiction, This one definetly beats all but the strangest in the fiction department Well meaning lads though.

8:06:40 PM    

 Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Valentina is a highly recommended database engine that offers SDK's for a number of platforms, an exceptional software by the Ukranian developer Ruslan Zasukhin.
2:02:34 PM    

 Sunday, August 25, 2002
Arsenal play their worst game for over a year but snatch a point courtsey of French brilliance

12:19:54 AM    

 Friday, August 23, 2002
Exposed: The Linux developer lifestyle. Are open-source developers all sandal-wearing geeks? [CNET News.com]
10:41:15 AM    

Got the first step of long overdue changes to the homepage done, layers, dhtml, ssi and stylesheets now all in their places. The active site for this blog is here where the blog is stuffed into one of the layers, neat.

Still a bunch of the photos have no place, next step is to organize the galleries.
4:14:41 AM    

 Thursday, August 22, 2002
Oracle is progressing on X development - good news
2:51:49 PM    

Apple gets praise, Apple deserves praise this time around :)
Apple. "I also know that with hardware demand down, Apple must come up with new revenue streams." [The Motley Fool]

With OS X up and running as my main OS for 6 months it is easy to forget those years of Mac use when the (seemingly) eternal list of coming improvements kept growing. Now the Dell box is gathering dust(mostly) and serves as the wifes computer apart from the occasional game of Fifa 2002!
Now we wait for Larry and the Oracles to get moving.
12:49:56 PM    

 Wednesday, August 7, 2002
Finally got around to solve the mysteries of Contextual Menus under OS X, works great.
4:35:21 PM